This is the second biggest mosque complex erected in Istanbul that you will see on your Istanbul Tours. (The biggest one is “Fatih Complex” which was built for Fatih Sultan Mehmed II, the Conquerer).

Built in 1501-06, this was the second great mosque complex to be founded in the city. The first, the Fatih Mosque, was destroyed, which makes Beyazıt the oldest imperial mosque in town. In effect, it’s the architectural link between the Byzantine Haghia Sophia – the obvious inspiration – and thegreat, later Ottoman mosques such as Süleymaniye.

The sultan for whom it was built, Beyazit II, is buried at the back of the gardens. Still in use, the mosque is full of market traders at prayer times. Outside is the Sahaflar Carsisi (book bazaar), where Sufi booksellers tout travelogues and novels in many diffferent languages.

Bayezid Mosque Complex consists of; a mosque, a soup-kitchen (a place to serve food free as a charity), a primary school, a hospital, a madrasah (theological school), a hamam, a caravansarai (for the lodging of merchants and caravans)and several tombs.

The mosque is the oldest classical Ottoman Style mosque in Istanbul. You can see the charming courtyard surrounded by domed porticoes and ancient columns supporting them (made of granite and porphyry), when you enter through the grand gate.

The courtyard of Beyazıt Mosque is paved with polychrome marble and there is a decorated ablution fountain (where people wash before entering the mosque for prayers) in the center of the courtyard.

The mosque has two minarets with 76 meters between them. The minarets are decorated with colored marbles and calligraphic art. The mosque has a grand interior, it has a central dome and 2 semi-domes and four smaller domes supporting it.

The Sultan’s lodge is to the right of the minber, supported on columns made of very rare marbles.

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