Basçi Ibrahim (d.1490) was a merchant of sheep’s heads in Bursa in the fifteenth century. The mosque and hamam founded by him and bearing his name are located in the Maksem neighborhood of Bursa.

A courtyard with arcade and fountain in center precedes the mosque on the north. Two rooms with barrel-vaults used as dervish lodges (zaviye) at the time flank the vaulted entrance vestibule to the courtyard. The entrance to the mosque is on axis with entry to courtyard and is marked with an ornate multi-foil arch inscribed into the raised ogee arch of the porch. The mosque is a single domed unit with two windows on each wall. Basçi Ibrahim is buried outside the mihrab. The mosque was restored in the second half of the 20th century at which time the domes of the arcade were entirely rebuilt. Construction is cut stone and brick. The hamam is adjacent to the mosque on the west.

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