The Alaeddin mosque was built for Alaeddin Bey, the younger brother and vizier of i, following the conquest of Bursa. It is a single-unit mosque with a three-bay portico. The portico, roofed with a barrel vault with a small dome over the central bay, has been reconstructed recently by replacing the pediment from the restoration in 1862 with a triple saw-toothed cornice more in fitting with the period architecture. The columns of the portico, now glazed to enable use throughout the year, have been crowned with original Byzantine capitals. On the interior, the square prayer hall is covered with a semi-spherical dome resting on a band of large triangular planes. Light comes in through windows at eye level and a single window above the mihrab. The minaret is attached to the eastern side of the portico on stone and brick base with a brick shaft. A hamam was built at the same time as the mosque; its foundations and fountain remain to the west of the mosque courtyard.

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