The mosque that bears the name of celebrated mystic Abdal Mehmed in Bursa was founded by Basçi Ibrahim, a rich merchant of Bursa who also built the Basçi Ibrahim Complex. The building consists of two equal units organized on the east-west axis forming the prayer hall, with a door each to the preceding three-bay porch. The domes of the two units are supported by pointed arches resting on pillars embedded in walls of the mosque that become a single heavy arch in the middle where the two spaces meet. The two mihrabs, inside the prayer hall and on the porch are carved into the legs of this arch. The minaret is attached to the west side of the building and is accessed from the porch. The tomb (türbe) of Abdal Mehmed, commissioned by Murad II was built across the street from the mosque in 854 A.H. (1450). A fountain was placed adjacent to the qibla wall of the türbe in 1062 A.H. (1658.)

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