Kara Timurtas Pasa complex also known  Deliktas minaret and Demirtas Camii. Kara Timurtas (or Demirtas) was a commander-in-chief of Murad I and Bayezid I who supported the Ottoman expansion towards the Balkans. The complex bearing his name was built in 1404 and consists of a mosque, a soup kitchen (imaret) and hamam.

The mosque, built by his son Ali Bey, was restored multiple times, altering its original proportions. It is composed of a five-bay domed portico at entrance, leading to a domed central hall and raised eyvan on the south with vaulted ceiling over mihrab. There are two large rooms with barrel vaults to the east and west of the central hall. The portico is currently glazed. The minaret, known as Deliktas, was built in the small piazza in front of the mosque. It is well known for its structure that elevates the minaret on a base supported by eight columns, with a marble ablution fountain placed underneath. There is little remaining of the blue tiles that used to cover the base.

Another son, Oruc Bey, built the hamam of the complex in 1420. Early on, its original tiles and furnishings were removed by Rüstem Pasa, the vizier of Süleyman I, who bought them for the embellishment of his hamam, Yeni Kaplica (b. 1552). The hamam was restored in 1970 and 1974. The soup kitchen survives in poor condition.

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