The Tomb of Mustafa III and Selim III and the sabil are located along the cemetery wall to the west of the southwest precinct gate. In addition to Mustafa III, the tomb houses his mother Mihrisah Sultan, his son and later successor Selim III, his daughters Hibetullah and Fatma Sultans and Mihrimah Sultan. It is an octagonal building crowned with a dome and preceded by a portico to the north. Its exterior appearance is marked by wide corner pilasters and thick cornices that wrap the building between the two tiers of windows and below the recessed drum. Sixteenth century tiles adorn the tomb on the interior crowned by a wide band of calligraphy that envelops the walls. A smaller tomb inside the cemetery houses the graves of the Mustafa III’s favorites or Haseki Sultanlar. There is a third, open tomb dedicated to Adilsah Kadin; it is protected by an intricate bronze canopy.

The sabil is raised on a circular base and has concave windows facing the street. Its windows are covered with bro nze lattices that were originally gilt and the wide segments of its large eave resembles the petals of a flower.

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