Alaeddin Kiosk also known as Selçuk Kasri, Seljuk Kiosk, Selçuk Kiosk, Alaeddin Köskü.  The Alaeddin Kiosk was once a palace of the sultans on Konya’s citadel. Already mostly destroyed when it was first recorded by archaeological travelers in the nineteenth century, it was ruined further by an earthquake in 1906. Today one tower remains, and is covered by an incongruous concrete shell.

From the earlier remains it is clear that the Kiosk was once a two story building with a long hall and balconies. It was built of brick walls with chalk cement and a timber floor structure. The remaining structure is quite delicate and displays fine workmanship and polychrome decoration in the masonry. Charles Texier (1865) describes a highly decorated painte d ceiling.

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