Yusuf Koc Church is 17 km (10 mile) far to Nevsehir centurum. The church takes its name from the owner of the bond which is located in the private property in Avcılar locality in Goreme and the church remained closed to visitors for a long time. For this reason the frescoes cannot get lighter and are extremely lively. The columns have been cut off in the church as it was used as a pigeon house in the past. The four walls of Yusuf Koc Church covered with dense frescoes and despite the small size of the church, it is the only church adorned with frescoes in Avcılar district. The church contains dense depictions of Saints and can be reached by a metal stair. On the right side of the entrance there is a depict of Constantine and Helana holding a cross on the hand, and there are depicts of Gabriel and Michael on the right wall. Although the destruction, the names of the Saints can be read. The founders of the church the wife-the husband and their sons are pictured in various parts of the church. At the front of the apse it is possible to see bishops with scarf. The two crosses on these bishops` collars take attention. You can see the Virgin Mary has Jesus in the lap at the apse and the depicts of the bishops standing side by side at the bottom. You can also see Seraphim (six-winged a ngels) at the pendentives of the church.

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