Yilanli Church is 38 km (23 mile) far to Aksaray centurum. It is presumed that the church, which is located in Ihlara Valley, was built between the centuries IX and XI. The church, which is one of the important building elements of the Byzantine architecture is cross planned. The walls of the church which is covered with cradle vault  are decorated with frescoes. The fact that there are frescoes on the western wall related to four sinful women who were attacked by snakes has caused the church to be called the Church with the Snakes. It is presumed that the church frescoes belong to the IXth and XIIth centuries. The themes of the Frescoes are; Crucifixion of Jesus, Entry into Jerusalem, Burial of Virgin Mary, the Visit, the Last Court, the Infant Jesus, the Apostles.

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