Vaftizci Yahya Church is 21 km (13 mile) far to Nevsehir centurum.The facade of the church which is one of the oldest and the most magnificent churches  in the area, and which is presumed to have been built between 964 – 965  is in a ruined condition due to erosion. Behind the entrance carved into a rock, there is a triple basilica dedicated to John the Baptist.

The church, which is located in the Çavusin area, finds favor with the depiction in the wall pictures of the famous narrative of “Salome’s dance” which caused John who baptized Jesus to be killed. It is also one of the churches which attract attention due to the fact that the relics belonging to Saint Hieron in the Byzantine period are preserved in this church.

The church, which draws attention with the red colored frescoes in the front facade and the iron stairs, is one of the most interesting churches in terms of its frescoes.  Apart from these; there are also the frescoes of Michael and Gabriel at the entrance of the church.

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