The Church With Three Crosses is 18 km (11 mile) far to Nevsehir centurum. Uc Hacli Church (The Church With Three Crosses), which is located in a green area among vineyards and apricot trees, is one of the places of Avanos which is worth seeing. It is accepted that the frescoes of the church which was built in the 7th century were made in the 10th century. The thing that will draw your attention in Uc Hacli Church (The Church With Three Crosses) will be the cross engravings engraved on the ceiling. These crosses, which have been worked on very remarkably, consist of three pieces. In spite of the fact that the frescoes are depicted a little more weakly compared to the other churches, The Church With Three Crosses continues to enchant its visitors because of the fact that it consists of three crosses and that it presents a magnificent structure.

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