Sinasos Church is 26 km (16 mile) far to Nevsehir centurum. Sinasos Church, which is located in the area called Monastery Valley in the South east of the city center, is in a five minutes ‘distance from Ayos Nicholos Monastery. However, unlike Saint Nicholaus, Sinasos Monastery is classified as a rock carved church.

The most important document in order to date this building which is ruined to a great extent at the present day is the epitaph in the Monastery. As can be understood from the pieces of information on it, the church was reopened in 1868 by the archpriest Bartholomeos because it was in ruins. However, from the frescoes that have survived up to the present day, which period the building belonged to could not be determined.

Sinasos Church is entered through a small door. Most places of the church decorated with geometric patterns and ornamental arches in general have been damaged today. Moreover, the evangelists, the prophets and a group of saints have been depicted in the middle nave of the church.

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