Saint Basil Church is 26 km (16 mile) far to Nevsehir centurum. The Church is located in the western side of Gomeda Valley. On the walls of the western naves of the Church, there are semi-embossed pillars and niches over which are decorated with red ochre. It is one of our churches which attract attention with this aspect.

On the ceiling, there is a large picture of a cross in a large size, surrounded by painted geometric and plant motifs; and according to the inscription on the corniche, it symbolizes Saint Constantine. In front of the semi-circle, Saint Basil and Saint Gregory from Nazianus who are two important Saints have been depicted.

In the eastern nave, geometrical designs and plant motifs have been predominantly given place. On the side of this nave that overlooks the Gomeda Valley, there is a grave whose gate is in a ruined condition and which is presumed to belong to a person who had made contributions to this church.

A border with the motifs of palm tree leaves has been made to the main semi-circle of the east nave, and has been decorated with three Maltese crosses on which the names of the Patriarches of the period were written. Moreover, apart from the names on these crosses, it is known that the cross in the middle symbolizes Abraham, and the others symbolize Isaac and Jacob.

Nave: It is known as the longitudinal place located vertically or in parallel to the main semi-circle, and separated from one another with rows or ranks of pillars.

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