Sacred Church is 17 km (10 mile) far to Nevsehir centurum. It is near the El Nazar Church and on the left side of the Zemi Valley and has taken this name to remain concealed until 1957 due to the landslides. The flat ceiling of the church is very remarkable. The flattened ceiling is full of cross motifs. In addition to this, these crosses are ornate crosses as seen in early church era.

The church which was built in 11th century is quite different in terms of painting style of frescoes. The frescoes which are adorning the church were not drawn on the plaster but to the main rock directly. Analyzing the painted cloth pieces which were found around the church gave us an important knowledge about the church. The frescoes that adorning the church were painted with these cloth pieces.

The frescoes of the Hidden Church which are similar to the frescoes of Yusuf Koç Church are generally red color in dominant. One of the frescoes in the church, “Veronica`s Handkerchief” stands out with its color and preserved situation.
Veronica`s Handkerchief : According to the legend, while Jesus Christ was walking on the streets of Jerusalem with a barbed wire to crucify, people throw stone to him. Face covered with blood because of stone and barbed wire a woman named Veronica approached to Jesus. Veronica cleaned the Je sus` face with the handkerchief. It is believed that his face had appeared on this handkerchief and that handkerchief is sacred.

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