Pine Needle Terrace Church is 38 km (23 mile) far to Aksaray centurum. What gives the name of the church locted in Ihlara Valley are the heather plants growing around it. Purenli Seki Kilisesi is also located in the first quarter of the valley, around 100m from Kokar Kilise. You have to climb about 25m above the level of the river. It is composed of an entrance, a burial chamber and a double naos, separated by pillared arcades, each having an apse. The church is covered by frescoes classified as “archaic” but characterized by exquisite details, a strong sense of design and amazing freedom of expression.

The church which looks quite colorful among the heather plants consists of four sections. In the church in which you can go from the entrance section to the hall, and from the hall to the other sections, there is a burial section. The church where you can also see plant and geometric patterns, are also decorated with frescoes. Various scenes such as the prophesy of the Prophets, Virgin Mary and bishops, the Good News, Visit and The Worship of the Shepherds decorate the walls of the church.

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