Nicephorus Phocas Church is 20 km (12 mile) far to Nevsehir centurum. Due to the fact that inside the church, which is on the road to Goreme – Avanos and 2.5 km away from Goreme, there is a picture of Nicephoros Phocas, the Byzantine Emperor between the years 963 – 969, and his family, the name of the emperor was given to the church.  Nicephorus Phocas Church, which is one of the rare churches dated definitely among the Cappadocia churches, is quite high despite having a single nave, has a cradle vault and comprises of three main semi-circles. The entrance section of the Church, however, is in a ruined condition at the present day. Those who had the Church made are the husband and wife whose picture is beside the feet of the Archangel Michael among the pictures of the Emperor family and the pictures of the Saints. In these pictures, the Emperor family is depicted as five people. In the middle is the Emperor Nicephorus Phocas, on the right is his father and his brother, and on the left are the Empress Theophano and someone whose identity is not kn own.

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