Virgin Mary Church is 17 km (10 mile) far to Nevsehir centurum. You have to get permission from Göreme Open Air Museum to visit the church. Virgin Mary Church which is located in the beginning of the slope in Kılıçlar Valley is one of the most magnificent structures in Göreme and takes its name from the frescoes of Virgin Mary. Virgin Mary Church is closed since 1976 because of the reason of main entrance collapse and a narrow and low tunnel is used for the entrance.
The frescoes of the church were decorated with geometric shapes and checkerboard pattern and they are in good condition today. There are frescoes of Virgin Mary and four scenes of the bible cycle. There are depicts of Gabriel and Michael under the fresco of Virgin Mary holding Baby Jesus in her hands. There is a depict of St. Basileos who is considered one of three important saints of Cappadocia on the left apse.

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