Keslik Monastery is 33 km (20 mile) far to Nevsehir centurum. If you follow 15 kms Mustafapasa-Taskinpasa road from Urgup you will pass through Cemil Village; after 2 km from the Village on your right hand side, you will see “Keslik Monastery” signboard. Park your car in the mini parking area and walk along the gravel road for 100 m; most probably you will be welcomed by Cabir Coskuner, monastery appointed. Starting from that moment you are not a tourist or traveler but guest of Cabir Bey. With his always smiling face he will be inviting you to have a rest in his oasis under the trees and then offering you tea, steeped by the delicious water of fountain at the entrance of the Monastery. Once again you will be amazed by the richness of Cappadocia while you are walking around the complex with the conversation and lyrical guidance of this modern time monk, who dedicated himself to Keslik Monastery.
Among all the endless beauties of Cappadocia, Keslik Monastery has a special place in our hearts. What attracts us about the Monastery is not only it is interesting but also the love Cabir Bey has for it. Cabir Bey of Cemil Village is 51 years old, married with 2 children and he has spent most of his life here. The trees, on the front yard of Monastery, have been planted by him together with his father during his childhood. On a voluntary base Cabir Bey takes the responsibility of caring and protecting the trees and the area. He spends most of his time on this yard. He can speak French fluently but also he gives information in English and Italian. As you read the guest book, you understand that every person coming from different nationalities, loved here.

Within the territory of Keslik Monastery there are rock engraved structures such as two churches, refectory, holy spring, various monk rooms, winery and small chapels. The entrance of church and refectory has been renovated by cut off stone.

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