Hallac Hospital Monastery is 21 km (13 mile) far to Nevsehir centurum. The church, which is known as the “Hospital Monastery” because of the widespread belief that the people of the area were treated there in its period, and which is located around Ortahisar, was built in the 11th century.  While the kitchen and the church are differentiated in terms of the usage area, the function of the other sections is not known.

An embossment located on the wall of its western side is its most important characteristic that differentiates this church from the others. This matchless engraving in the church in whose embossment “a man with a hat spreading his arms to the sky and running and jumping” is seen carries the feature of a work of art which is not seen in the other churches. Moreover, besides the animal figures with horns in the frescoes of the Monastery, Gabriel, Jesus and Virgin Mary have also been depicted.

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