Hagios Stephonos Monastery is 33 km (20 mile) far to Nevsehir centurum. The Church is located on Mirasyedi Side Street in Yesilkoy subject to Urgup. The researches made indicate that the church was built in 1797, its dome was built in 1880 and the gathering place for women was built in 1885. Moreover, in 1870, its four layered bell dome was built.

The church, which is 10,5 meters high and which consists of three naves, has a basilica plan. In the upper sections of the iconostasis, while there are the depictions of Jesus, in the lower sections, the depictions of Hagios Stephanos, Virgin Mary and the Infant Jesus, Ioannes Prodromos are included. In the sections of the Ambon that face the middle nave, we see the depictions of Jesus and four Evangelists. Moreover, there are scenes related to Jesus in the upper section of Naos, and scenes from the Bible in the front section of the gallery.

Apart from these, there are two epitaphs in the church one of which is written in Greek, and the other in Turkish written in Greek letters.

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