Crusader Church is 21 km (13 mile) far to Nevsehir centurum. Hacli Church (Crusader Church), which is located right at the beginning of Gulludere Valley, and on a  slope; possesses the feature of a nave, being planned in a rectangular  shape, with a flat ceiling and consisting of a single main semi-circle. To the structure that was built in the 6th – 7th centuries, an abscissa (main semi-circle) was added in the 9th – 10th centuries.

You will never get bored while going around this church with the flat ceiling, and that is decorated with a cross inside a circle in the middle, and on the edges, however, with garland motifs among palm tree motifs.

You can reach the church to which a cross symbol has been engraved similar to Balikli (fish), Uzumlu (grapes) and Geyikli (deer) churches, by passing to the first valley over the second valley because of the fact that the entrance of the first valley has been closed due to the rock collapses.

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