Elmali Church is 17 km (10 mile) far to Nevsehir centurum. There are depictions of Archangel in the seven domes of Elmali Church which has nine domes and in the same group with Karanlik Church and Carikli Church called “Columnar Churches”. The real entrance is at south but today the entrance of the church is through a tunnel at north.

The reason the church is called Elmali Church (Elmali Church) is the depiction of Archangel St. Michael in the dome which is in front of the main semi-circular. In this depiction St. Michael holds a spherical thing in his hand which is thought an apple. In the most of the frescoes, Gabriel carries a fishbowl in his left hand.

All entrances were closed for a long time as it was used as a pigeon house therefore the frescoes are still in a good shape. The Church depicted at two different periods which was understood from frescoes and The Cross made of red paint and the geometric patterns under the frescoes. The red and blue shades are dominated in the frescoes and the clothes are well – figured.

Walls of the church are divided into two transverse lanes and the upper side has scenes from the life of Jesus but is not at chronological order. There are depicts of saints at the bottom lane. There are also depicts of “Abraham’s hospitality” and “Three Hebrew Boys in the Fire” from the Torah (Old Testament) at the bottom lane.  Depict of four Bible authors in the come is very remarkable. It is also possible to see drawings which means fish (Ichthus – ichthys  ) ΙΧΘΥΣ in Greek and symbolizes Jesus. Fish drawing is usually used by people who want to indicate their belief in secret way.

Ichthus (ichthys ): Fish has become one of the ancient world’s oldest symbols and used as an acrostic way in Greek and is important being a symbol of fertility and life.

Iesous: Ι- Jesus

CHristos: Χ- Hristos (Messiah – Sanctified person)

THeou: Θ- God`s

Uios: Y- Son

Soter: Σ- Savior

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