Durmus Kadir Church is 17 km (10 mile) far to Nevsehir centurum. The church which is located on Goreme – Uchisar road in Uzundere Valley takes its name from the owner of the garden in front of the church. An example of two-storey churches of the period applied to the rock. Due to the use of as a pigeon house for many years preserved it well. Durmus Kadir Church which has no frescoes, built of cut stone and has the most beautiful examples of embossed decorations. The rectangular formed Durmus Kadir Church is different from the others with a dais so-called ambon in the middle of it. Ambon in Durmus Kadir Church is very important because it is the only example of being preserved in the rock churches of Cappadocia. The church is very impressive with rectangular columns in the main venue and has many large and small tombs carved into the walls at the entrance.

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