Direkli Church is 73 km (45 mile) far to Nevsehir centurum. It is located on the west side of the Melendiz Stream. As you follow the road down to Belisırma Village from the west, on your right side you will find the church. The Church has been constructed as a Greek Cross and used as a monastery. The Church is situated on six columns and if has a central dome and three apsises. Since the Church is situated on the columns it was named as Direkli Church. By the help of the consecration script it is understood that the Church was built on 11th century. The frescoes are really damaged. There are only geometrical motives in the funeral ceremonies area. It is thought that these motives have been drawn during the Iconoclasm period (726-843). One of the good health frescoes is Pant acrator Jesus Christ and it is attractive.

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