Art in the Church may be divided into three large catagories the permanet decoration of the walls and vaults in fresco or mosaic icons which could be either mobile or permanetly attached to the  templon end the portable vessels, vestments, books and reliquaries used in Church ritual.

Because no byzantine Church survives  in its medievalstate, considerable  imagination is required  to Picture the full affect of this concentration of art in the Church  interior the great majority of churches were despoiled of their treasures  whether by the Turks (The Churches Of Cappadocia) in the twelfth century and those of constantinople in 1453.

Moreover  those Churches that have remainedin continous orthodoks use have been repainted the permanent mural decoration of the byzantine Church nave followed  a special iconographic system that made optimum use of  its compact design  the  image is not  separated from the beholder by the imaginary  glasspane. The  immediacy of is experience is  demonstrated the moment  the orthodox enter the Church they begin by circulating to venerate  the  images of  the saints whether in panel icons or in mural decoration.

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