The Church with Sandals is 17 km (10 mile) far to Nevsehir centurum. It is called as Carikli Kilise (The Church with Sandals) because of the footprints at the bottom of the Ascension fresco. The church takes attention to the similarity of the Dark Church and the Apple Church. Carikli is separated from others with two different depicts.  Scenes of the crucifixion of Jesus and the revelation of the cross. These depicts are portrayed long and big and are thought the same as the one contained at the “Church of the Ascension” in Jerusalem. The refectory which is under the church is shaped as the rock carved out like a long, thin table and seating. There is also “The Last Supper” fresco in a niche which is very meaningful to be depicted in the refectory.

In addition to the scenes of Jesus, “the three Hebrew boys in the fire “, portraits of saints and the founder of the church have been preserved to the present day.

The three Hebrew boys in the fire: This fresco is depicted near to the “Abraham’s hospitality”. This fresco symbolizes three young men and those who sacrificed himself for the sake of faith and their liberation of the miraculous power of God. In this respect, the fresco shows parallels with the life of Abraham so “three Hebrew boys in the oven” and “Abraham’s hospitality” is used for the portrayal of the integrity of the subject.


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