Belha Monastery is 32 km (19 mile) far to Nevsehir centurum. Unfortunately, Belha Monastery, which is located within the borders of Ozkonak District subject to Avanos Town of Nevsehir, is not included in the tour programs.

Belha Monastery draws attention with respect to the fact that it is one of the centers where the Christians who escaped the Roman oppression after the 4th century took their basic religious trainings in Anatolia. As in the other Monasteries in the Cappadocia region, the women and men took religious trainings in separate places in Belha Monastery, as well. Besides underground settlements, it is an important religious center with its Roman Bath, the dungeon, the kitchen, the watch-tower, the dining room and the  “Ayazma water”  which has been believed to be sacred since the Roman period.

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