Balkanderesi Church is 21 km (13 mile) far to Nevsehir centurum. The three churches, which were discovered by G. de Jerphanion in 1911, are located in Balkaderesi Valley, which is a 6-km valley between Ibrahimpaşa Village subject to Urgup and Ortahisar district. Opposite the two churches constructed by carving the rocks in the valley, the third church is located. Due to the fact that the exit of this church which was made in a conical shaped single rock was closed because of erosion, it is a bit difficult to reach the church. Moreover, the presence of the other carved spaces located around the church are important in terms of showing the fact that this place functioned as a Monastery Külliye (Social Complex).

It is not possible to show that the embellishments of the church do not attract our attention. We see circular motifs and medallions in which  the colors of green, red and yellow integrate on white background. The assessments taking these embellishments and the paint used in the se embellishments into consideration date cause the construction of this church to date back to the period between the end of the 5th century and the beginning of 6th century.

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