The announcement  to the shephends  in the fields of the  birth of the messiah by the angel traditionally gabriel is represented in byzantine art but the scene of  the adoration is not found  until the end of the  15th century. The  shepherds are  grouped round the infant  in reverential attitudes  they have doffed their hats and the nearest  ones  are kneeling  there are usually  three of them and their  gifts are appropriately rustic. Other s stand  behind  playing  pipes  through a doorway   there  may be a glimpse of  a distant hillside where  an angel announgs the  birth to those watching  their  flocks. The  shepherds gifts  are not  mentioned by lüke and were  probably   invented by analogy with  those of the magi, in  earlier examples the  may consist of a sheep with its feet bound ( symbolizing the christian  sacrificial lamb) a shepherds’s crook and pipes. The sheep is sometimes borneround the shoulders of a shepherd, after the image  of the good shepherd in 17 th  century. Art they bring  poultry  a jug of milk a basket of eggs act. The  pipes are usually the bagpipe  and a  syrinx. The  idea of music on this occasion may derive  not only from the pastoral tradition but more specifically from a customin parts of İtaly  to play the pipesat Christmas before images of the virgin and child.

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