Adiyaman city 361 mile to Cappadocia and 603 mile away from Antalya. Adiyaman which is located in south-east part of Turkey and a very fast growing city in the country. It was named “Hisn-i Mansur” in arabic language (Castle of Mansur) back until 1926. The city was then renamed to Adi-yaman. This city is almost…

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Adana city 159 mile to Cappadocia and 160 mile away from Antalya. Adana is fifth biggest city of Turkey after Istanbul , Izmir , Bursa and Ankara on a population based compare. It has the advantage of being the industrial and trade center of Mediterranean region. It has a big affect on the country economy…

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Nevsehir is located in Central Anatolia. Nevsehir is 727 mile far from Istanbul. Nevşehir is one of Turkey’s most unique tourist havens with its rich tapestry of culture acquired from many centuries of civilization combining history with nature. Nevsehir a very large plateau formed from an accumulation of the ash and lava of ancient and…

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