Emir Sultan Complex – Bursa

Emir Sultan Complex is Semseddin Mehmed Ali el-Hüseyin, a dervish and scholar from Bukhara, was the adviser and son-in-law of Bayezid I. The present mosque bearing his epithet, Emir Sultan, was built in 1804 (1219 A.H.) upon the orders of Selim III, after the collapse of the original fourteenth century monument in the 1766 earthquake….

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Complex of Mehmed I – Bursa

The Complex located in beautiful Bursa. Mehmet I, known as Yesil (Green), was built in 1419-1421 by architect Haci Ivaz Pasa, a vizier to Murad II who was the prefect (subasi) of Bursa at the time. It contains a mosque (see Green Mosque), a mausoleum (see Green Tomb), two madrasas (medrese), baths (hamam), a soup…

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Sultan Han – Aksaray

Sultanhani on the road between Konya and Aksaray is the largest caravanserai in Turkey, enclosing 4,900 square meters. Commissioned in 1229 by Sultan Alaeddin Keykubad I, it was built by the architect Muhammet of Syria. As one of the Sultan’s Han, the building is a caravanserai with palatial aspects. Incorporated into the plan is a…

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Emir Bayindir Kumbeti, Ahlat – Bitlis

Emir Bayindir Kumbeti, an inscriptive band below the cornice of the tomb announces that the building was built for Bayindir ibn Rüstem, who died in 1481 (886 A.H.). It was commissioned by his wife Sah Selime Hatun and completed in 1491 (897 A.H.). The architect is unknown but Baba Can Bey is mentioned as the…

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