White – Headed Duck – Oxyura Leucocephala

If you have ever based yourself Istanbul for a birding trip, there is a fair chance you would have visited Burdur Lake. This site is famous for the large wintering population of the globally threatened White-headed Duck. White-headed duck is an unusual duck, easily distinguished by everyone lucky enough to observe it in a wetland….

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Ring-Necked Pheasant – Phasianus Colchicus

Common pheasants (Ring-necked Pheasant) are native to China and Turkey, but they have been successfully introduced in other parts of the world, including North America. Males are vibrantly colored with blue-green heads, red face wattles, and distinctive white neck rings. Females are a rather plain buff brown, but both sexes have long, pointed tails. These…

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Common Quail – Coturnix Coturnix

This species has an extremely large range, and hence does not approach the thresholds for Vulnerable under the range size criterion. Despite the fact that the population trend appears to be decreasing, the decline is not believed to be sufficiently rapid to approach the thresholds for Vulnerable under the population trend criterion. The population size…

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Grey Partridge – Perdix Perdix

Grey partridges are found in the wild between the central area of Anatolia and Thrace Their numbers are very limited and the species is becoming very rare. There are a few hobby breeders who are mostly bird collectors, and these breeders are trying to breed the birds captured from wild habitat in intensive conditions The…

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Black Frankolin – Francolinus Francolinus

The Black Francolin has a very large range of approximately one to ten million square kilometers. It is primarily found in the Goksu Delta in South part of Turkey.  This bird prefers Mediterranean Shrubland, Subtropical, Tropical, or Flooded Grassland, or plantation and arable land ecological systems. The population of the bird has not been fully…

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Chukar – Alectoris Chukar

Turkey provides a wide range of natural habitat for numerous bird species. Partridges constitute an important part of the native birds of Turkey. There are five native partridge species in Turkey, which are chukar partridge, rock partridge, grey partridge, see-see partridge and Caspian snowcock. In recent years, intensive rearing and releasing of gamebirds has become…

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