Love Valley is 17 km (10 mile) far to Nevsehir centurum. Found in northwestern part of Goreme and northeastern part of Uchisar, Baglidere Valley track is almost 4900 meters. You can enter from two tracks to Baglidere which is also known as “Love Valley” where you can arrive from Goreme by bus, minibus etc. First track entrance route is the access over Goreme-Avanos road which leads to left side; but this access is not preferred because of the steep slopes, seen at the end of track. Second track entrance is done from Uchisar-Goreme road next to Carpet sale store. After 100 meters later entering from the near of store, you see the Baglidere Valley guidance signboard.

The plateau at the beginning of track, is called as Orencik by locals. It is reached after steep landing from Orencik to Baglidere Valley. However easy it seems to make you job, tufaceous ground creates slickness. That’s why it is hard to enter the valley by bus and minibus. Besides it is possible to see volcanic bombs (the pieces that is made of revolving and cooling  lava pieces  from spitfire) throughout the valley. The tuff that we see in different colors and dominates the area as a consequence of ashes, getting out of volcanic eruption, mixed up with the soil here, took the color of white by combining with lime, red by combining with iron mine, yellow by combining with sulphur and green by combining with silisium.

The valley in which fairy chimneys take place in colorful and all shapes and sizes, creates an magical effect on its visitors. The vineyards and fruit trees which you meet while walking among these wonders of nature, will make your landscape better and better.

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