Gomeda Valley is 26 km (16 mile) far to Nevsehir centurum. The valley also mentioned Küçük Ihlara because of the similarity with Ihlara valley and situated in Ürgüp – Mustafapaşa road begins from Mustafapaşa which is a 5 km far away from Ürgüp.

On the beginning of the valley, we can see Gomeda Ruins. Since it has a small number of  fairy chimneys, in comparison with the other valleys which are in Cappadocia it has a small number of visitors too but with its great natural beauties it is a mysterious valley in terms of it has full of tunnels which has no end, not known where  its’ exit is and dark caves.

Along the valley, elaeagnus, rose hip, wild asparagus, plum, apricot, apple and walnut trees accompanies to the visitors. In addition, vineyards which have various types of grapes are the unique features of Gomeda. A cave situated in the valley was formerly used as the catch pit of rain water but today water collected there ser ves for irrigate the poplar trees. Gomeda Valley which has an underground city, pigeonry, churches and 9 km length track is also known as ‘Demon Stream’.

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