Golgoli Valley is 26 km (16 mile) far to Nevsehir centurum. Golgoli Ancient City which has a church ruin on Golgoli Hill, is an old settlement which is 5 km south to Mustafapaşa. Golgoli Vadisi which has an impressive appearance with  wheat and zucchini fields surrounding is and unique valley thanks to its deep underground caves which hide itself, holy springs of orthodox Greeks which can be descended a ladder inside, wheel races and wells. Besides, on its 1 km far away from south there is a 4 arched stone bridge built formerly by Rum in order to carry water to town. There is a church known as “Kır Kilise”  on the top of the Panayia Mountain where this bridge is found there. This church used by goers to foothills of a mountain in order to celebrate the birth of Mother Mary on October 8th was named after the mountain where it situated.

The rock found on the foothills of the mountain is named turah (room) which belong to dwellers were places where people stayed until before Easter. Before Easter, the families who stayed in these rooms in groups along 10-12 days carried all necessary equipment such as carpets, rugs, beds, pots, jugs for cooking, setting table.

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