Gibos Valley is 26 km (16 mile) far to Nevsehir centurum. At the top of Mustafapasa; a valley hidden by fairy chimneys, apricot and walnut trees, “Hidden Valley”. The valley, called Gibos which fascinates the visitors with its trees and church, is famous for its classical concerts performed in the cave. The cave, once used as water storage, was transformed into concert hall by being restored. Before reaching the valley, on the way, a sweet mosque can be seen which still has Orthodox steeple.

Because the soil having dried among high rocks in stream bed, belongs to father of Mehmet Balta, Hidden Valley was remembered as “The Place of Balta”. Hidden Valley which fascinates the visitors with walnut and pine trees in its around, is a unique valley which recognizants drop by in winter and summer, res t in the presence of classical music and acquire the peace.

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