Çat Valley is 13 km (8 mile) far to Nevsehir centurum. The valley, situated in 7 kilometer northwestern of Nevşehir and in Çat town, has appearance of a hidden treasure of Cappadocia with many pigeonry carved into rocks, willow trees, a thin stream flowing in the middle of valley and colorful butterflies.

Çat Valley having 7 kilometer long track, combines with Fırınasma valley. The Fairy Chimneys in Çat Valley is quite different from the capped and columnar fairy chimneys in Göreme, Zelve and Ürgüp. Also, in the valley, having pathways for walking, cycling and horse tours, Grape grows for high-quality wine making.

Known also as “Pigeonry Valley”, the valley’s pigeons appear to be important par t of culture. In the valley, once one who didn’t have pigeonry wasn’t given a girl, pigeons were among the most valuable gifts given to brides.

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