Balkaderesi Valley is 14 km (9 mile) far to Nevsehir centurum. Inside the Balkaderesi Valley which lays 6 kilometers between Ibrahimpasha Village and Ortahisar Town, there two churches, made of being carved into rocks adjacent to each other and just across there is the third one. As the exit of church which is conic shaped and carved in one rock, disappeared with the effect of erosion, it is among the churches which are hard to reach. This church is thought to be the oldest one among Cappadocia churches.

In its decorations on white ground, by using red, green and yellow colors, big and small medallions looped to each other, circles and botanical twisting were engraved. It was claimed to have been constructed at sometimes between in the end of 5th century and at the turn of 6th century by taking into consideration of church decoration and the paints used in decoration.

In the areas where churches are near, it is really interesting that ma ny other carved locations show that this place monastery social complex.

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