Houbara Bustard striking bird resembling a turkey in shape, the houbara bustard is at its most magnificent during the courtship display. It is a slender bird, with a tuft of hairs in the centre of the crown, and long plumes of feathers drooping over the neck, the uppermost feathers being black while the lower ones are white with black tips. The body is pale sandy-buff in colour, with darker brown lines and mottling, while the underside is white.  Large areas of black and brown occur on the flight feathers and the long, square tail is sandy-chestnut and patterned with four distinct blue-black bars. Male houbara bustards are slightly larger than females.

A largely solitary bird, the houbara bustard feeds alone or in small groups on beetles, ants, plants, and even small lizards. Showing remarkable adaptation to its arid habitat, the houbara bustard does not need to drink, and instead receives all the water it requires from its food. It will walk kilometres while searching for food, but rarely takes to the skies in flight.

In the breeding season, males and females meet only to choose a mate and to breed. Courtship takes place between December and March and involves a sophisticated and flamboyant display. While puffing out the ornate feathers on his crest, chest and neck, the male makes long, slow and graceful steps. The male then throws its head back between its shoulders and promptly starts moving frantically in a straight line or in a circle. Abruptly stopping, the male will then stand with all its display feathers erected and throw its head repeatedly upwards while emitting a deep booming call. Facing its chosen mate, the male then enters another display before mating, stretching is neck forward whilst its white feathers are erected, walking toward the female by twisting its body from left to right and clapping its beak in time.

Adapted to arid conditions with little vegetation, the houbara bustard is found in sandy and stony semi-desert regions.

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