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Egyptian House (Mısırlılar Evi) – Burdur

Egyptian House (Mısırlılar Evi) is 1 km (0.6 mile) far to Burdur centurum. It is in central Oluklaraltı Road district. It is a 19th century structure. A two-storey, stone built on the foundation in Baghdadi and the roof is covered with Turkish style tiles. On the ground floor there are winter rooms and a pantry,…

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Kremna (Çamlık) Antique City – Burdur

Kremna (Çamlık) Antique City is 61 km (37 mile) far to Burdur centurum. The ancient city of Cremna is located inside the borders of Çamlık Village which is 25 km east of Bucak District, located 45 km away from Burdur Province. The ancient city of Cremna had lived its brightest and most advanced period in…

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Burdur Museum – Burdur

Burdur Museum is 1 km (0.6 mile) far to Burdur centurum. Burdur, which has such a rich archeology of prehistoric and classical ages , started to creat a museum in the middle of the 1950s, and through archaeological excavations in four seasons between 1957-1960 at Hacılar Tumulus and has attracted the attention of the whole…

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Burdur Lake – Burdur

Burdur Lake is 11 km (6 mile) far to Burdur centurum. Burdur Lake, trending between Söğüt Mountain and northeast-southwest Suludere-Yayladağ masses, tectonic trough-shaped dent formed by the filling of waters and in the world generations of white-headed ducks declining world population, about 75 percent of which winter and about 11,000 fauna assets with the international…

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Burdur Greek Church – Burdur

Burdur Greek Church is 54 km (33 mile) far to Burdur centurum. Church was built in 1850 in Kavakli district and opened for worshipping of  Greek Orthodox until the population exchange between Turks and Greeks in 1924 and then it is closed. The church today is being restored to be a museum. Open daily between…

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Baki Bey Mansion – Burdur

Baki Bey Mansion is 1 km (0.6 mile) far to Burdur centurum. It is in central Değirmenler District. It is one of the most beautiful examples of 17th century Ottoman civil architecture of. Mansion, which continued until the end of the ground floor window on the wood and stone foundation walls, composed of thick massive…

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Seven Lakes National Park – Bolu

Seven Lakes National Park is 54 km (33 mile) far to Bolu centurum. The Yedigoller (Seven Lakes) National Park is in the north of the Bolu province, and south of Zonguldak in the western Black Sea region. Transportation: The park can be reached via the Yenicaga road, 152km off the Ankara – Istanbul highway. The…

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Şifalı Su and Sünnet Gölü Forest Recreation Areas – Bolu

Şifalı Su and Sünnet Gölü Forest Recreation Areas is 96 km (59 mile) far to Bolu centurum. The lake is located at 27 km. east of Göynük District. The environ and the lake is extremely beautiful and there is delicious coral fish and trout in the lake. Hunting these fishes with lane fishing is free….

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Seben Çeltikdere Rock Houses – Bolu

Seben Çeltikdere Rock Houses is 74 km (45 mile) far to Bolu centurum. There are rock houses having more than one floors carved in the surface of the rocks of the deep valleys which are in the vicinity of Çeltik Creek, Hoçaş, Kaşbıyıklar and Yuva villages of Seben District. Address: Çeltikdere köyü, Seben – Bolu…

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Keçi Castle – Bolu

Keçi Castle is 72 km (44 mile) far to Bolu centurum. It is 5 km north of Gerede. The castle occupies an important place in the history of Gerede, which is a place of accommodation on the historical Silk Road, and has survived until today. Having been built in the Middle Ages, Keci Castle dates…

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