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Yumurtalik Ruins – Adana

Yumurtalik Ruins is 94 km (58 mile) far to Adana centurum. The foundation date of Ayas isn’t known certainly by anybody. It is famous with its one of the three asklepieion temple like the one in Bergama in Helenistic epoch. Ayas, which went on developing in Roman Empire period, became one of the most important…

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Sar Ruins – Adana

Sar Ruins is 68 km (42 mile) far to Adana centurum. The site is located at the northern tip of the Tufanbeyli District of the province, a few kilometres from the provincial boundary and has works from the Hittite, Roman and Byzantine periods. However, the majority of the works which have remained until now are…

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Misis Mosaic Museum – Adana

Misis Mosaic Museum is 97 km (60 mile) far to Adana centurum. Located between Adana and Ceyhan, on the historical Silk Road, at a distance of 26 km. from Adana. It is a museum where various periods can be viewed in chronological order and floor mosaics belonging to a Basilica located within the boundaries of the…

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Magarsus Ruins – Adana

Magarsus Ruins is 147 km (91 mile) far to Adana centurum. Magarsus, the religion centre of Mallos, which is one of the most important cities of Antique Cilicia, is known with its temples and gain reputation especially with Athena Temple in which Alexander the Great workshipped. The relics of the city walls spreading through the…

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Kastabala Ruins – Adana

Kastabala Ruins is 66 km (41 mile) far to Adana centurum. There is a fort from Middle Ages called Bodrum Castle rising on a rock protrusion, which dominates a small plain between Kesmeburun and Bahçeköy, to the north of the Ceyhan river. The castle is at a distance of 110 km from Adana, on the…

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Karatepe National Park and Open Air Museum – Adana

Karatepe National Park and Open Air Museum is 66 km (41 mile) far to Adana centurum. Karatepe has monumental gateways with passages leading to chambers at either side. The interior basalt walls are carved with lions, sphinxes, and depictions of deities such as the Phoenician storm god Baal and the Egyptian dwarf god Bes. There…

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Ethnography Museum – Adana

Ethnography Museum is 10 km (6 mile) far to Adana centurum. Adana Ethnography Museum, exhibits the ethnographic works, the inscriptions оf Adana‘s landmarks аnd epitaph аnd gravestones оf Adana‘s leading figures. The museum wаs opened іn 1983 аt а former church аfter Archeological Museum moved tо іts new location. Аs оf May 2012, the museum…

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Ataturk Scientific & Cultural Museum – Adana

Ataturk Scientific & Cultural Museum is 96 km (59 mile) far to Adana centurum. The museum building is one of the traditional Adana houses on Seyhan Avenue, built in 19th Century. A two-storey structure built of brick and stone with bay windows and pitch roof. Because of its peculiar characteristics, it is classified as “Cultural…

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Anavarza Ruins – Adana

Anavarza Ruins is 19 km (11 mile) far to Adana centurum. This site which was known as Caesarea or Anazarbus during the times of the Roman Empire is 28 km to the south of the Kozan District of the Adana province. The small village built just outside the antique city walls is Dilekkaya. We have…

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Anavarza Castle – Adana

Anavarza Castle is 19 km (11 mile) far to Adana centurum. We have practically no knowledge of the history of the city before the Roman Empire era. It was named Caesarea by Emperor Augustus who visited the city in 19 B.C. and it started to be known as “Caesarea near Anazarbus”. Anavarza did not show…

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