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Carpet & Kilim Museum – Istanbul

Carpet & Kilim Museum is 13 km (8 mile) far to Istanbul centurum. This museum is located in the Hunkar Kasri (royal residence), which stands north of the Sultanahmet mosque (known as Blue Mosque) complex. Hunkar Kasri was the place where the Sultan used to rest before he would join the prayer in the mosque….

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Caricature Museum – Istanbul

Caricature Museum is 11 km (6 mile) far to Istanbul centurum. This museum was opened in 1975 in Tepebasi by the Istanbul Municipality through the efforts of the Caricaturists Association, then temporarily closed down in 1980 as the building where it was housed was torn down and later re-opened in its new site in Fatih district….

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Camlica Hill – Istanbul

Camlica Hill is 27 km (9 mile) far to Istanbul centurum. Situated on the Asian side of Istanbul, this 229 meter hill called as Kücük (Small) Camlica provides a panoramic view of the city and has nice cafeterias to enjoy Turkish tea or coffee. There is also a second hill named Büyük (Grand) Camlica, 262…

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Calligraphy Museum – Istanbul

Calligraphy Museum is 13 km (8 mile) far to Istanbul centurum. The Beyazid Medresse, which was used as the municipality library since 1945 was evacuated, restored and reorganized as . It has interesting and valuable examples of the Turkish art of the pen, Korans, imperial seals, diplomas, Hilye-i serif (descriptions of the Prophet), equipment and…

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Borusan Contemporary Museum – Istanbul

Borusan Contemporary Museum is 27 km (16 mile) far to Istanbul centurum. The museum is opened in 2011 at the headquarters of Borusan Holding, one of the leading companies in Turkey, located in a historic building. It’s a comtemporary art museum with exhibitions and events in its galleries. The museum has a caffeteria and a…

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Blue Mosque – Istanbul

Blue Mosque is located in Istanbul centurum. Sultan Ahmed Mosque, known as the Blue Mosque by many tourists because of its bluish interior decoration, is the most important mosque of Istanbul standing next to the Byzantine Hippodrome in the old city center. It was built by the Ottoman sultan Ahmed I between 1609 – 1616 facing…

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Binbirdirek Cistern (Binbirdirek Sarnici) – Istanbul

Binbirdirek Cistern (Binbirdirek Sarnici) is 2 km (1 mile) far to Istanbul centurum. It’s one of the oldest Byzantine cisterns of Istanbul; it was built by Philoxenus to the west of the Hippodrome as a huge water storage in the 4th century AD during the reign of Constantine the Great. The dimensions of the cistern…

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Beylerbeyi Palace – Istanbul

Beylerbeyi Palace is 16 km (9 mile) far to Istanbul centurum. Beylerbeyi Palace, summer residence of the sultans, is located at Beylerbeyi neighborhood on the Asian shore of the Bosphorus. It was ordered by the sultan Abdulaziz and built between 1861-1865 by head architects Sarkis Balyan and Agop Balyan, imperial architects of Armenian origins, in…

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Basilica Cistern (Yerebatan Sarayi) – Istanbul

Basilica Cistern (Yerebatan Sarayi) is 2 km (1 mile) far to Istanbul centurum. Byzantine cistern from the 6th century built by Justinian I and is located to the south-west of Hagia Sophia. The water was brought from Belgrade Forest, 19 kilometers to the north of Istanbul, and it had a capacity to store 100.000 tons…

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Bahcesehir College Science Museum – Istanbul

Bahcesehir College Science Museum is 9 km (5 mile) far to Istanbul centurum. One of the newest museums of Istanbul opened in June 2008 inside the Bahcesehir private highschool. The museum has several tools and work stations aiming young children to explore the scientific world. Young visitors can test and learn several facts of science…

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