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Byzantine Society and Civilization

The period from  843 to 1261 was an important on efor the byzantine Empire. At the  outset the empire began a gradual recovery from the seventh century Arab conquests in the east teh the destructive invasion of the  germanic  tribes  in the  West,  and the  incursions of numerous slavic tribes in Balkans  from the middle…

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The rite of initiation into the christian Church by immersion or sprinkling  with water. It was in regarded historically both as an act of purification and also of rebirth in which the font  was the symbol of the immaculate womb  of the virgin from  which the initiate born again. Christ  was baptized in the river…

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The  faith of the early Christians living under  persecution was sustained by the expectation of Chirsts  imminent second coming  this found literary  expression in the  revelation  of John written at the  end of the  first cent A.D.  an  allegory foretelling  the destruction  of the wicked, the overthrow of satan and the  establishment of Chirsts  kingdom…

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Adoration of the Shepherds

The announcement  to the shephends  in the fields of the  birth of the messiah by the angel traditionally gabriel is represented in byzantine art but the scene of  the adoration is not found  until the end of the  15th century. The  shepherds are  grouped round the infant  in reverential attitudes  they have doffed their hats…

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Adoration of the Magi (Adoration of the Kings)

The magi had come from the east, following a star to seek  the king of the jews and were directed by herod’s  officialsto go to  bethlehem. Herod told them to report  back  to him ostensibly that he might them pay homage himself  but really  because he feared  usurpation. Historically the magi were astrologers of the…

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Sahinbey  is 31 km (19 mile) far to Gaziantep. Sahinbey is a district of Gaziantep Province of Turkey named after Sahin Bey (1877-1920). Beginning in 1899, he started to take active roles at numerous battles for the Ottoman Empire. He was sent to Yemen to fight against the local Imams that were trying to take…

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Nizip is 47 km (29 mile) far to Gaziantep. Nizip  is a district of Gaziantep Province of southeastern Turkey. As of 2010, the population of the city is 96,229. It is located 45 km from the city of Gaziantep, 95 km from Sanliurfa (Edessa), and 35 km from Karkamis, which is an old city also known historically as…

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Karkamis is 73 km (45 mile) far to Gaziantep . Karkamis, aka Kargamis, next to the site of ancient Karkemish, is a town and district of Gaziantep Province in southeastern Turkey. The population of the town is 2,998 as of 2010. It is a border checkpoint on the road to Jarabulus in Syria. In 2004,…

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Gaziantep city 474 km (294 mile) to Cappadocia and 1151 km (715 mile) away from Istanbul. Gaziantep located in south west part of Turkey. Gaziantep is one of the modern provinces of the region and also one of the oldest of Hittite origin. Being the center of pistachio nut cultivation in Turkey and with its…

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Sivrihisar is 96 km (59 mile) far to Eskisehir.  Sivrihisar is a town and district of Eskisehir Province in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey. According to 2010 census, population of the district is 23 488 of which 9,817 live in the town of Sivrihisar. The district covers an area of 2,987 km2 (1,153 sq mi), and the…

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