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Yusufeli 80 km (49mile) far to Artvin. In a stunning mountain location on the banks of the Çoruh river with craggy rocks leering down on all sides, Yusufeli is rather a sad little town that has had its future mortgaged to the needs of the vast Artvin dam project. The result has been to put…

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Savsat 71 km (44mile) far to Artvin. Savsat should be a rustic beauty but instead it’s full of the usual concrete high-rises. On the other hand it makes a useful base for getting to the Savsat Meseli Karagol national park if you don’t have your own transport. There are taxis here for exploring the surrounding area, and…

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Hopa 69 km (42mile) far to Artvin. Hopa is a city and district of Artvin Province in northeast Turkey. It is located on the eastern Turkish Black Sea coast and 18 kilometres from the border with Georgia. The land climbs sharply from 10m above sea level in the coastal areas up into the Sultan Selim…

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Borcka 92 km (57mile) far to Artvin. Borcka is a town and district of Artvin Province in the Black Sea region of Turkey, on the border with Georgia.Borcka is reached by a winding road up from the Black Sea coast, alongside the Coruh River. There is an ancient stone bridge across the river just west…

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Ardanuc 60 km (37 mile) far to Artvin. Ardanuc is a town and district of Artvin Province in the Black Sea region of Turkey. Ardanuc is a mountainous district, rising from 250 m in the Savsat River basin (Savsat district) up to the highest point, 3050 m Mount Cadir. Other high mountains are Kurdevan,Yalnizcam and…

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Arhavi 81 km (50 mile) far to Artvin. Arhavi is a town and district of Artvin Province located in the Black Sea region. Arhavi is a district located in the north of the Eastern Black Sea Mountains and in the Black Sea coast. Northwest of the Artvin province. The terrain is hilly and mountainous.Culture and…

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Artvin city 929 km (577 mile) to Cappadocia and 1300 km (807 mile) away from Istanbul. The city goes along the valleys where the Coruh rivers goes through , having the wonders of the nature on the Black Sea cost of Turkey. The micro-conditioning that Coruh River basin has makes the area a unique among…

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Serik 43 km (26 mile) away from Antalya center. Towards the coast the district is mainly flat farmland, used for growing vegetables, while the inland half of Serik is forested hills and the Taurus Mountains. The district has a typical Mediterranean climate of hot, dry summers and warm, wet winters, and the natural vegetation is…

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Manavgat 81 km (50 mile) away from Antalya center. Manavgat of Antalya city is a tourism center, where history and nature are within each other and all kinds of tourism activity can be performed. Waterfall, which are 3 km. north of Manavgat province, have the same name with province. It composes a valuable to see…

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Kumluca 97 km (60 mile) away from Antalya center. Kumluca is a town and district of Antalya Province on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, part of the Turkish Riviera. Its neighbour towns are Korkuteli, Elmalı, Finike, Kemer and Antalya. The town of Kumluca, formerly the village of Sarikavak, is named for its sandy soil ,…

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