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Antalya city 531 km (329 mile) to Cappadocia and 724 km (449 mile) away from Istanbul. Antalya is the biggest city on the Mediterranean cost of Turkey and a tourism center of the country. This city make the visitors who came from all over the world fall in love with itself, unique bays , forests,…

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Elmali 121 km (75 mile) away from Antalya center. The exact founding date of Elmali, which is located within the borders of ancient Lycia, is unknown. Excavations to the east at Karatas near the village of Semahoyuk, and to the west in the village of Beyler indicate that the area has been inhabited seen the…

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Demre 142 km (88 mile) away from Antalya center. Demre is an ancient town in Lycia in the area now known as Myra. It is situated today in the Antalya province of Turkey. It was located on the river Myros in the fertile plain between the Massikytos mountain range and the Aegean Sea. Demre is…

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Alanya 138 km (85 mile) away from Antalya center. Alanya is a holiday resort city and a component district of Antalya Province in the Mediterranean Region of Turkey. The population is almost entirely of Turkish origin, but is also home to around 10,000 European residents. Because of its natural strategic position on a small peninsula…

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Akseki 155 km (96 mile) away from Antalya center. After Alanya, Akseki is the oldest district in the province of Antalya, and has an appearance that befits its location in the rugged Taurus mountains, in a forested and very rocky area. The history of Akseki extends back to the Roman era, when it was known…

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Ardahan city 934 km (580 mile) to Cappadocia and 1416 km (879 mile) away from Istanbul. Ardahan was a province of Kars until lately 1993. It was declared to be the 75th city of Turkey after the mentioned date above. One of the coldest place of eastern Turkey sometimes it get -35C degree in this…

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Cildir 43 km (26 mile) away from Ardahan center. Tucked up in the far north-eastern corner of Turkey on the borders with Armenia and Georgia, this huge and glorious lake (123 sq km) backed with mountains to the south is curiously unknown to tourists, not least because there’s nowhere decent to stay on the shores and precious…

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Damal 44 km (27 mile) away from Ardahan center. Damal, formerly Petereke, is a town and district of Ardahan Province of Turkey, on the road from Kars to Posof. Damal is on a route across the traditional Silk Road, connecting the Caucasus from Europe to Central Asia and has changed hands many times throughout history,…

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Posof 80 km (49 mile) away from Ardahan center. Posof is a district of Ardahan Province of Turkey, in the far east of the country. It has a border crossing with neighboring Georgia at Turkgozu. Posof is well known for its handicrafts particularly its ornate silver belts and knives. Posof is high in the mountains…

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Amasya city 358 km (222 mile) to Cappadocia and 681 km(423 mile) away from Istanbul. Amasya surely has to be one of the prettiest places in Turkey. This small northern Anatolian town with lovely old wooden houses hanging over the waters of the Yeşilırmak river and ancient Pontic tombs punctuating the rockface behind it is home to…

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