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Pygmy Cormorant – Phalacrocorax Pygmeus

Pygmy Cormorant is rounded, fluffed-up head and shorter bill give it a gentler, more comical appearance than the other cormorants and its long paddle-like tail sticks out almost as much as its head so it can sometimes appear to be flying backwards. The distinctive head shape, long tail and small size are all good ways…

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Little Grebe – Tachybaptus Ruficollis

Tachybaptus Ruficollis, female marginally smaller. Chestnut throat, cheeks and foreneck separates from oter Tachybaptus. Iris red-brown, yellow in E Asia. Non-breeding adult paler, especially on throat and foreneck, which lackchestnut, Juvenile similar to non-breeding adult, but head striped black and whitish. Races separated mainly on size, amount of white in secondaries; also slight differences in…

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Lanner Falcon – Falco Biarmicus

Falco Biarmicus is chestnut extending to neck and mantle, and underparts barred. Female larger and often darker than male. Juvenile brown above, underparts heavily streaked with dark grey, facial skin pale blue , not yellow. To the N races have underparts finely spotted with black, whereas almost unmarked in S populations. Races also differ in…

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Eurasian Hobby – Falco Subbuteo

Falco Subbuteo larger than Merlin and similar to Kestrel, but with shorter tail. ) up to 10% larger than (, with broader wings. Rather slight, elegant, long-winged falcon, with remarkable speed in often high, aerobatic pursuit of flying prey; can recall swift in outline and flight action. Plumage rather dark, with heavily streaked underbody; combination…

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Merlin – Falco Columbarius

Falco Columbarius  is stocky, small and dashing falcon. Male has upperparts dark or pale bluish, underparts from dark and heavily streaked to pale buff and lightly streaked, usually conspicuous pale bands in tail. Female browner, without blue tones, plumage generally more uniform, less contrasted than in male. Juvenile similar to female. Races differ in overall…

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Eleonora’s Falcon – Falco Eleonorae

Falco Eleonorae  polymorphic, with pale and dark morphs. From below, dark underwing coverts contrast with paler flight-feathers, breast and belly cream colored to reddish brown streaked black. Dark morph all blackish. Female slightly larger. juvenile also dimorphic, generally browner than corresponding adult plumages. Eleonora’s Falconis breeding in large colonies on rocky islets of the Mediterranean,…

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Lesser Kestrel – Falco Naumanni

Falco Naumanni has grey head, uniform rusty upperparts, buff underparts with black spots. Grey band from carpal to tertials and black flight feathers. Grey tail with black subterminal band. Female and immature rusty with black barring and streaking and paler underparts. Similar spp. Common Kestrel F. tinnunculus is larger. Male lacks grey band on wing…

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Golden Eagle – Aquila Chrysaetos

Golden eagle, with gliding or soaring flight is named for its golden- brown plumage, with head and nape feathers a slightly lighter, gold color. Measuring 70-84 cm in length, the golden eagle has a wingspan of 2 m and weighs 3.2-6.4 kg. Adults have a heavy dark tipped bill. The immature golden in flight can…

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Rough-legged Hawk – Buteo Lagopus

Rough-legged Hawkcolor pattern like Buzzard but smaller-sized (L 60 cm). Extremely variable. From dark morph through reddish morph to very pale morph. Typical morph shows pale head, breast and tail contrasting with rufous belly, and lacks tail barring of most other buzzards. Dark carpal patches, rusty underwing coverts, flight feathers paler with black trailing edge…

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Japanese Buzzard – Buteo Buteo

Buteo Buteo is extremely variable. Generally dark brown above and on most of underbody and underwing coverts, from below , wingtip and trailing edge of wing dark, flight-feathers barred, pale area in outer primaries. Extensive geographical variation, partly confounded by individual variation. Races separated on size coloration and plumage pattern. Race vulpinus normally smaller, often…

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