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Timurtas Pasa Complex – Bursa

Kara Timurtas Pasa complex also known  Deliktas minaret and Demirtas Camii. Kara Timurtas (or Demirtas) was a commander-in-chief of Murad I and Bayezid I who supported the Ottoman expansion towards the Balkans. The complex bearing his name was built in 1404 and consists of a mosque, a soup kitchen (imaret) and hamam. The mosque, built…

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Muradiye Complex – Bursa

Muradiye Külliyesi Located in Bursa. The Complex of Murad II, known as Muradiye, was built following the completion of the Yesil Complex and consists of a mosque, madrasa (medrese), soup kitchen (imaret), a Koran school for boys (sibyan mektebi), hamam and twelve mausolea (türbe) belonging to the Ottoman family. The mosque is based on a…

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Market Neighborhood – Bursa

Market neighborhood is means carsi in Turkey, with its numerous market buildings, hans, hamams and mosques, has been the center of trade and commerce in Ottoman Bursa since its formation to the east of the Byzantine city walls following the Ottoman conquest in 1326. It includes the area bound, at present, by Cumhuriyet Street to…

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Koza Hani – Bursa

Bursa well known by silk material. The Koza (Cocoon) Han was commissioned by Bayezid II and built in 1490 in the market neighborhood between Ulu Cami and Orhaniye, to provide income for the sultan’s mosque in Istanbul. The han has two stories of rooms with galleries around a courtyard. A classical Ottoman mescid stands on…

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Kanberler School – Bursa

Kanberler okul (school) is located in Bursa. The Kanberler School was commissioned by Sitti Hatun, the daughter of Oruç Bey, at the same time with her mosque with which it shares the forecourt. It consists of two small domed rooms, preceded by a grand entrance crowned with a round arch inscribed in an ogee arch….

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Hamza Bey Complex – Bursa

Hamza Bey complex located in magnificent city of Bursa. Hamza Bey  was a commander of armies during the rule of Mehmed I, Murad II and Mehmed II and served also as vizier under Murad II. The complex he built in Bursa consists of a mosque and two tombs (türbe), located on a hill in the…

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Green Tomb – Bursa

Green Tomb know as Yesil Turbe. The mausoleum was built by his son and successor Murad II following the death of the sovereign in 1421. The architect is Haci Ivaz Pasa, who also designed the mosque. Set amidst cypresses on top of the hill in Yesil, the mausoleum stands higher than the rest of the…

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Emir Sultan Complex – Bursa

Emir Sultan Complex is Semseddin Mehmed Ali el-Hüseyin, a dervish and scholar from Bukhara, was the adviser and son-in-law of Bayezid I. The present mosque bearing his epithet, Emir Sultan, was built in 1804 (1219 A.H.) upon the orders of Selim III, after the collapse of the original fourteenth century monument in the 1766 earthquake….

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Complex of Mehmed I – Bursa

The Complex located in beautiful Bursa. Mehmet I, known as Yesil (Green), was built in 1419-1421 by architect Haci Ivaz Pasa, a vizier to Murad II who was the prefect (subasi) of Bursa at the time. It contains a mosque (see Green Mosque), a mausoleum (see Green Tomb), two madrasas (medrese), baths (hamam), a soup…

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Sultan Han – Aksaray

Sultanhani on the road between Konya and Aksaray is the largest caravanserai in Turkey, enclosing 4,900 square meters. Commissioned in 1229 by Sultan Alaeddin Keykubad I, it was built by the architect Muhammet of Syria. As one of the Sultan’s Han, the building is a caravanserai with palatial aspects. Incorporated into the plan is a…

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