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Cir Waterfall Bingol

The creek was named after the village of Bingol Uzundere C ir Waterfall, a large 100-meter-high cliff, called Kee stone passing through the middle of a nice-looking waterfall. The lower side of the rocky creek bed, which is 50 meters high water fall is a beautiful outlook. 8 kilometers away from the center of endless…

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Tomara-Siran Waterfalls Gumushane

Siran and Tomara waterfals are located in Gumushane. The Tomara Waterfall is on the 14 km southwest of Siran province and 2 km from Seydibaba village. It flows from 10 m height into the river. It is surrounded by nut, oak, beech trees. Food can be obtained from Seydibaba village but for accomodation one should…

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Marmaros Waterfall Çanakkale

Marmaros waterfall located in Gokceada – Canakkale. In order to get to the Marmaros waterfall you have to take turn to the right at the Ugurlu exit from the village of Derekoy. After you travel seven kilometers on the asphalt road you have to leave you car as it is not possible to drive all…

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Gürpınar Waterfall Malatya

Gunpınar Waterfall is among a few of the natural waterfalls of Turkey and it is the most beatiful excursion spot in Malatya. It is 8 km. to Darende, 5 km. to Malatya-Kayseri main road 5 km. hiking to the source of Günpınar waterfalls is a feeling beyond words. When you reach to the top of…

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Yerköprü Waterfall Konya

Göksu Taurus born in the bosom of the river, extending from the Mediterranean sun sets out the ground twice during the journey. The first of Göksu steppe sunset near the town of outputs, and the latter 116 kilometers southwest of Konya Çiftepınar Hadim position near the village of Almond. Here, approximately 500 meters long, dark…

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Sudusen Waterfall Yalova

The Sudusen Waterfall is located to the south of Termal – uvezpinar village and the waterfall and its environ provides rare natural beauties for visitors.  Flowing curly towards the Marmara Region, the different kinds of streams sourced (sprung) from Mount Samanli, falling over high cliffs or rock they reach at, form insteresting, spectacular sights. There…

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Cindere(Guney) Waterfalls Denizli

Cindere falls is 70 km  far from Denizli. Between Guney village to waterfall is 5 km. Güney Waterfall is located in Cindere Village, Güney District, Denizli. It’s on Menderes river, about 4 km. south of Güney District. People should see a natural beauty of this waterfall. Guney Falls, which was declared a protected area of…

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Azdavay Waterfall Kastamonu

Daday and the districts of Kastamonu Azdavay Ballıdağ high as a barrier that separates the lush water resources, forests, and the type of herb and plant brings life to the region. 1700 meters at the sunset reflecting the shadow of the evening, the town of Azdavay Ballıdağ, keeps the foot numerous natural beauties. One of…

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Sutven Waterfall Balıkesir

Sutuven Falls, Kaz Mountains National Park is a natural phenomenon in the other. The world’s most important repositories of oxygen Kaz Mountains, a region of remarkable biological diversity and its canyons. Hill slopes overlooking the Gulf of Edremit Sarikiz gushing springs, streams and waterfalls into the sea as it receives the right way. Canakkale Izmir…

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Samandere Waterfall Duzce

Steep rocks in the valley, where there are some monumental trees, are awe-inspiring. The balustraded terrace where you can watch the waterfall is safe. Sounds of birds singing accompany the thunder of water falling from meters-high rock. This magnificent scenery among the foliage is indeed exciting.  If you are brave enough you can walk down…

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